Role of NGOs in Protecting and Ensuring Human Rights in Bangladesh

Published: 10 December 2018| Version 8 | DOI: 10.17632/vw7vhhw5my.8
Md. Ashabur Rahman


In this study, two questions have answered regarding the role of NGOs in protecting and ensuring human rights in Bangladesh; one is human rights activities of the NGOs and the other is legal aid services provided by the NGOs. In view of the questions the objective was formulated to discuss legal aid services, human rights activities and legal awareness events provided by the national and international organizations for protecting and ensuring human rights in Bangladesh. The data shows the challenges for NGOs to uphold human rights, barriers to provide legal aid, other legal matters relating to human rights and the initiatives of the government to uphold human rights. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches are used in this research work. For the purpose of collecting authentic data, direct conversation with the concerned authority is done. Therefore, the noteworthy finding is that the NGOs can play a proactive role to uphold human rights through public interest litigation where government fails to the respond quickly which can be helpful for the government.



Law, Human Rights, Legal Issue in Social Sciences