Supplementary materials: Singularity Distance Computations for 3-RPR Manipulators Using Extrinsic Metrics

Published: 21 September 2023| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/vwgxrjkhhm.3
Aditya Kapilavai


This .zip folder contains additional material for the paper titled "Singularity Distance Computations for 3-RPR Manipulators Using Extrinsic Metrics". The animations that correspond to Fig . 9, Fig. 11, Fig. 13 Fig. 15 (Incircle radius performance index), Fig. 16, and Fig. 17 of the paper. The paper deals with finding the closest singular configuration along the 1-parametric motion of a 3-RPR manipulator using distance functions for different interpretations of the 3-RPR manipulator. Furthermore, in the paper the performance of existing kinematic pose independent performance indices are compared with the distance function in identifying the closest singular configuration. The computational procedure is based on homotopy continuation algorithms. Please see Fig. 8 for the flow chart for the computational procedure.



Technische Universitat Wien


Animation, Robotics Application, Parallel Manipulator, Singularity Analysis of Robot, Geometrical Kinematics, Computational Algebraic Geometry


Austrian Science Fund

Grant No. P 30855-N32