MEMO_teachers 2015-2016

Published: 2 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vwhhdp8y6j.1
Roman Zvyagintsev


The data for this study are taken from a survey of teachers administered as part of a project MEMO. MEMO presents information on recent trends in education in Russia: on choice of educational programs, funding of education, strategies of educational institutions, overall management, allocation of recourses, hiring policies, etc. The information has been updated annually since 2002 based on the methodology providing a direct comparability of the data. The survey covers 8 federal districts (plus Moscow). A stratified two-stage sampling method was used. At the first stage, schools with different contextual characteristics (form of ownership, territory review, features of ongoing educational programs, etc.) were selected from different districts. At the second stage, only teachers with a full teaching load at a single school were included in the sample. See the project official page for details on sampling in the MEMO study. MEMO description --



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