Push and pull force from automatic liquid dispensers

Published: 29 June 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/vxfg6b58fb.2


This dataset is a measurement of the push and pulls force of an apparatus's automatic liquid dispensers. The fluids that are used include water, soap, and hand sanitizer. An empty load test is also carried out. The attached data file contains data on the force of the push and pulls for each type of fluid used as well as the results of testing without fluid. A strain-gauge sensor is used to measure the magnitude of the force. Measured data is sent and stored on data cloud servers using internet networks. This data was taken at the Research Center for Appropriate Technology, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI).


Steps to reproduce

The dataset was obtained using an automatic liquid dispensers apparatus equipped with a strain-gage sensor. A servo motor will pull strings connected to a dispenser bottle's head while the push button is pressed against the panel box. The strain-gage sensor will record data during the strings' push and pull and send it to the cloud data server via the internet network.


LIPI Pusat Penelitian Teknologi Tepat Guna


Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics