Data for: The influence of pre-treatment on biomat development in soil treatment units

Published: 1 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vxh997dtxv.1
Jan Knappe,


This data set contains the following data files: - `biomat-conductivity.csv`: Measured hydraulic conductivities of the soil and biomat - `biomat-growth.csv`: Time for sensor positions (within upper 5 cm) to reach a 2.5% increase in VWC for each site and treatment - `biomat-parameters.csv`: Parameters for biomat growth models - `effluent-data.csv`: Effluent pollutant concentrations - `hydrus-parameters.csv`: Parameters used in HYDRUS modeling - `met-data.csv`: Meteorological data - `sensor-control.csv`: VWC observations for control sensors installed outside the soil treatment unit - `sensor-meta.csv`: Meta data for sensor locations - `site-meta.csv`: Meta data for the research sites - `vwc-predrought.csv`: VWC changes before the onset of the summer 2018 drought - `vwc-postdrought.csv`: VWC changes during the summer 2018 drought A detailed description of the content of each data file is given in the codebook provided with this dataset.



Wastewater Management, Soil, Water Quality, Municipal Wastewater, Soil Treatment