Dataset of I-V characterization and EL imaging for accelerated testing of monofacial and bifacial PV cells

Published: 29 September 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vxj8bkkfkg.1
Martin GARAJ,


The introduced dataset provides I-V characteristics and Electroluminescent (EL) images of 20 single-cell laminates. The laminated photovoltaic (PV) cells represent 2 distinct technologies: monofacial and bifacial (PERC). Each single-cell laminate is I-V characterized in its reference state at five irradiation levels ranging from 185 W/m^2 to 925 W/m^2 using AAA class industrial Sun simulator and EL imaged at multiple current biases. Then, every laminate undergoes a series of accelerated degradation tests for one of the three degradation modes: Potential Induced Degradation (PID), interconnect failures and cracks. The measurements are repeated after every step of introducing/progressing respective degradation mode. The I-V characterization is performed by custom made I-V characterization tool measuring the I-V characteristic in I. and IV. quadrant. The data are of interest to any researcher or industry expert that requires well documented changes of degraded monofacial and bifacial PV cells, which can be benchmarked against one another, since the degradation is introduced close to 1:1 among the different laminates. The data are well suited for applications like model verification and side-by-side comparison of degradation.



City University of Hong Kong, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet


Photovoltaics, Photovoltaic Performance, Photovoltaic Component