Business model innovation, organizational agility, open innovation and export performance

Published: 15 March 2024| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/vz39y8mj4b.2
, Raquel Sanz Valle


Business model innovation is increasingly considered as crucial driver of firm performance. Since studies examining this relationship in international markets are scarce, the database was created to understand the impact that business model innovation has on export performance, variable widely used to capture success in international markets. In addition, to analyze the role of organizational agility and open innovation as antecedents of business model innovation. Due to the importance of business model innovation in today´s turbulent markets, the empirical study based on this dataset, permits a better understanding of its antecedents and its impact on firms´ export performance what can help guide managers in their decisions.


Steps to reproduce

The dataset was collected through a phone survey based on a questionnaire designed for that purpose. This questionnaire included questions related to the main variables of the study and others related to the general characteristics of the sample. Variables were measured by using scales based on an in-depth literature review and the tests conducted to verify the reliability and validity of the scales showed that they were appropriate.


Universidad de Murcia


Management, Innovation Management, Innovation, Business Model, Organizational Agility, Export Performance


Fundación Cajamurcia