Dataset of Conventional Enjera Baking Mitad for Mekelle city (Ethiopia)

Published: 31 March 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vz74g3m6v8.1
Aschale Getnet,


The data is taken from existing Mitad with specification single type 2.0 cm thickness and operated with 3.52 kW power supplies. The heat up, baking and idle time of this mitad is analyzed below using the collected data from Mekelle university injera cooking room (kitchen) and Mekelle city injera supplier. These data are collected for 10 cycles and for 5 Mitad, within these data baking time and idle time have been recorded. And also another data for 5 days from 5 mitad the heat up time have been recorded and total time for corresponding number of injera have been recorded and the average total time required to bake a single injera is calculated. Using these data, the average heat up time, baking time and idle time are calculated.



Mekelle University Ethiopian Institution of Technology


Data Analysis