How Does Technological Progress Affect Provincial Financial Resilience? Evidence at the provincial level in China

Published: 9 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vzh36mj4hy.1


1. The research area in this paper is 30 inland provinces in China from 2011-2021, the Tibet Autonomous Region is excluded due to incompleteness of data. Our data are derived from the China Statistical Yearbook, Provincial Statistics Yearbook, Financial Statistics Yearbook, Wind Database, Guotai’an Database, the People’s Bank of China, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and provincial commercial banks. Missing values are calculated using the weighted moving average method. 2. The entire file package includes two types of file: dta file and do file 3. Variable name and Description: FR indicates financial resilience gtfp indicates technological progress fdizb indicates the ratio of foreign direct investment to GDP wealfare indicates the ratio of social security expenditures to GDP er indicates employment rate humancapital indicates human capital level edu indicates education level education indicates social capital pop indicates population consume indicates social consumption capacity interlab indicates employment proportion in the tertiary sector ter indicates industrial structure improvement market indicates marketization index Bakerpolicy2 indicates Chinese economic policy uncertainty patenten indicates the number of valid invention patents for industrial enterprises above designated size techmarket indicates technology market development level actualfdizb indicates share of real foreign direct investment in GDP pd indicates indicates population density db indicates year-end deposits balances of provincial commercial banks lb indicates year-end loan balances of provincial commercial banks B indicates asset liquidity ge indicates government intervention 4. We use Stata software for specific regression analysis. After opening the dta file in the Stata interface, we obtain the results by running the regression command of the do file.





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