"Counterfactual reasoning underlies the learning of priors in decision making", Ariel Zylberberg, Daniel Wolpert, Michael Shadlen, Neuron 2018

Published: 15 August 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vzhs4m5573.1
Ariel Zylberberg


"data(s)" contains the behavioral data from subject s. Explanation of variables: choice: 0 for leftward choices, 1 for rightward choices req_choice: identifies the correct choice for each trial correct: 0 for incorrect choices, 1 for correct choices coh: signed motion coherence (negative for leftward motion) dotdur: motion duration in seconds confidence: in range 0.5 (guessing) to 1 (full certainty) subject_number: subject id block_number: block number belief: belief report (0: sure of a leftward block bias; 1: sure of rightward block bias) base_rate: base rate of the block trial_number: trial number in the block



Behavioral Neuroscience, Probabilistic Computation, Metacognition, Decision Making