The Effects of Variable Stirring Speeds on the Mechanical Properties of Cast Aluminum Alloys

Published: 22 November 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vzv66j53mf.1
Oluwole Adigun


This work presents the stirring process as a metallurgical processing technique which may lead to improvement in material properties. The study examined and presented the effects of stirring on the tensile strength and microhardness of aluminium-copper (Al-Cu) alloys using different stirring speeds for the dispersion of the Cu solute in the Al solution for possible enhancements in material properties. Improvements in the tested mechanical properties due to variations in copper compositions (0-15 wt% Cu) were also evaluated and discussed. The mechanisms (precipitation hardening, solid solution hardening and the stirring effect) responsible for the ensuing changes in mechanical properties were equally communicated. The figures and tables data are here presented.



Federal University Oye-Ekiti


Materials Science, Aluminum, Copper, Mechanical Property, Casting, Metallurgy, Hardening, Alloying, Solid Solution Hardening