Data for: Numerical Investigation of Spatial and Temporal Structure of Annular Flow with Disturbance Waves

Published: 26 August 2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/w2n8273tgn.2
Wenyuan Fan


Entrainment and disturbance waves are simulated by VOF method. A systematic processing method is developed to accurately and efficiently calculate film thickness, which is the basis of calculation of wave parameter. By trying different values for the damping factor, B=20 is used since it could reasonably match the simulation with the experiment. This dataset shows the results obtained by B=20. Calculated film thickness is shown in two ways. One is z-t representation, which shows the result for each polar angle. These correspond to folders "z_t_raw" and "z_t_filtered", where "raw" denotes the original data, and "filtered" means a three-point median filter is used to remove fast droplets. In each folder, there are three subfolders which splits the 6s data evenly into three parts. The other way is theta-z representation where instantaneous film thickness distribution on the tube wall is shown for each saved time. A video, "B20.mp4", is made based on these figures. A FPS of 10 is used indicating that the video is 100 times slower than the real time.



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Multiphase Flow