Topological vulnerability metrics with number of evaluations for different reliability evaluations methods

Published: 23 September 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/w2p5tztt6z.1
Aprajay Verma


The following dataset supplements the research on finding the correlation of topological vulnerability metrics with the number of distinct OPF evaluations.


Steps to reproduce

The steps to generate the data sets are as follows:- 1) The FOR is multiplied by an alternate vector that takes the form of <a,b,a,b....>, total 15 such vectors were taken by changing a and b as follows 1) a= 1; b=0.25 2) a=1 ; b=0.5 3) a=1; b=0.75 4) a=0.25; b=1 5) a=0.5; b=1 6) a=0.75;b=1 7) a=0.25; b=1 8) a=0.25; b=0.25 9) a=0.5; b=0.5 10) a=0.75; b=0.75 11) a=0.9; b=1 12) a=0.01; b=1.2 13) a=0.12; b=1.3 14) a=0.3; b=1.6 15) a=0.65; b=1.87 The algorithms were implemented in the IITM(Indian Institute of Technology, Madras) AQUA cluster. The precision level of LOLP was kept as the precision obtained by the analytical (cut-sets) based method. PYOMO was used to solve the underlying powerflow, and overheads like random number generation, bookkeeping was handled in python.


Indian Institute of Technology Madras


Power Engineering