Thermoacoustic Range Ver in Abdominal Phantom

Published: 14 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/w33vx978rp.1
Sarah Patch


Measured and simulated data presented in "Thermoacoustic Range Verification During Pencil Beam Delivery of a Clinical Plan to an Abdominal Imaging Phantom," as resubmitted to the Green J in Dec 2020. RT plan is provided, but system log files are not available to the general public. IBA customers typically have an NDA in place with IBA, and in that case may gain access to log files. Please contact the author ( for assistance setting up paths for kWave software.


Steps to reproduce

MATLAB is required to view results. k-Wave is required to reproduce thermoacoustic simulations. Unzip and run the RUNME.m file inside the matlabData_Codes subfolder.


University of Wisconsin Milwaukee


Radiation Therapy Treatment Optimization, Protontherapy, Thermoacoustics