HF-dataset from Edge Device

Published: 6 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/w35nf2fw5m.1


The high-frequency (HF) data is retrieved from the Spinner U5-630 milling machine via an Edge Device. This data has a sampling rate of 2ms and hence, a frequency of 500Hz. The HF-data is from various experiments performed. There are 2 experiments performed (parts 1 and 2). The experimented part 1 has 12 .json data files and part 2 has 11 .json files. In total, there are 23 files of HF-data from 23 experiments. The HF-data has vast potential for analysis as it contains all the information from the machine during the machining process. One part of the information was used in our case to calculate the energy consumption of the machine. Similarly, the data can be used for retrieving information of torque, commanded and actual speed, NC code, current, etc. The spindle input power was varied for every experiment to analyze the effects on machining of both parts with varying geometry.


Steps to reproduce

The HF-data was collected via Edge Device, Simatic IPC227E, which is a compact and flexible embedded industrial PC. This HF-data is from Spinner U5-630, 5-axis simultaneous milling CNC machine with a Sinumerik 840d sl v4.8 NCU (Numeric Control Unit). The HF-dataset has a frequency of 500Hz. The channel utilized and analyzed were from the 'power' channel. However, several other channels can be extracted and analyzed using this HF dataset. Channels such as Commanded and actual axis position, Torque, Load, Various encoder position, Commanded speed and actual speed, Current, and Power. Moreover, this dataset has the relevant aforementioned channels along 7 axes; namely: X, Y, Z, B, C, Spindle, and tool change axis.


Technische Universitat Graz Fakultat fur Maschinenbau und Wirtschaftswissenschaften


Industrial Engineering, Machining, Energy Optimization Model, High-Frequency Data