Aerosol methansulfonic acid (MSA) over coastal East China Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba

Published: 25 October 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/w4rj7jrfkt.2
Shengqian Zhou


The major contents of this dataset are mass concentrations of aerosol methansulfonic acid (MSA), non-sea-salt sulfate (nss-SO42–), sodium (Na+) and nitrate (NO3–) over coastal East China Sea (Huaniao Island) and the Gulf of Aqaba. These data were obtained by offline sampling and ion chromatography determination. The sampling time of each sample is also given in this dataset. Other parameters include the air mass retention ratio over the land (R_L), marine air mass retention ratio within the boundary layer (R_B), air mass exposure to chlorophyll a (AEC), and averaged meteorological parameters along trajectories including relative humidity, temperature, boundary layer height (harmonic mean) and wind speed (along trajectories over oceanic region only). The MATLAB code for calculating AEC is also given.



Fudan University Department of Environmental Science and Engineering


Atmospheric Chemistry, Aerosol, Biogeochemistry