Panel data OECD and BRICS power sector policy paper dataset - 1990-2019

Published: 1 October 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/w4rnk5jgzr.2
Simen Rostad Sæther


This dataset contains the variables used in this power sector policy paper, expect CO2 emission intensity (IEA database) data due to IEA licensing agreement as the product was purchased from them. The dataset contains data on 34 OECD countries (while the analysis only included 34) and 5 BRICS countries, from 1990 - 2019. The power sector policy paper uses a time period from 2000-2018 (with some models running to 2019 using IEA estimates). The variables used in the analysis are: - CO2 emission intensity per KWh (Data not included due to copy right from IEA, 3 example data points included for refererence). - Emission trading system price, both national and with adjusted price by relative size for sub-national systems (Cross-referenced from several sources). - Feed-in tariffs for solar PV and wind (OECD.Stat database). - Public environmental R&D and patent data on climate change mitigation technologies related to (1) energy generation, transmission or distribution (OECD.Stat green growth database). - Industrial energy consumption (OECD.Stat database). - GDP per capita, Industry share of GDP, Residental electricity consumption (World bank indicators). - Installed renewable energy capacity (IRENA database).



Panel Data, Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, Climate Policy, Power Sector