Data for: Optimal coverage of an emission tax in the presence of monitoring,reporting, and verification costs

Published: 17 March 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/w4ygt38p86.1
Stephane DE CARA, Pierre-Alain Jayet, Loïc Henry


Four files are attached : - OptimalThreshold_JEEM_R1_data.Rdata (Rdata format) contains the simulation results (emissions, gross margin, agricultural area, livestock units) at the representative farm level (see Section 4) for an emission tax varying from 0 to 200 EUR/tCO2eq, as well as the data retrieved from Bellassen et al (2015) about MRV costs; - OptimalThreshold_JEEM_R1_data.r contains the R code necessary for the design of the various scenarios explored in the paper (emission tax level, magnitude and distribution of MRV costs, choice of the criterion) and determine the respective optimal coverage; - OptimalThreshold_JEEM_R1_tables.r contains the R code for the tables presented in the paper; - OptimalThreshold_JEEM_R1_graphes.r contains the R code used to construct the figures presented in the paper.