Drift data of polyethylene-polyaniline composites at different weight fractions (% wt.) and voltages.

Published: 21 August 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/w555t9rhmv.1
Leonel Paredes-Madrid


Polyethylene-Polyaniline (PE-PANI) pellets were prepared at different weight fractions of 20%, 25%, 30% and 35%. In order to assess the drift characteristic, each pellet was loaded to 1.08 MPa for a time span of one hour at multiple Vs. Amplifier output was recorded as shown in the attached script. For plotting the data, open “estimacion_drift.m” using Matlab and run it. It is possible to convert amplifier output to pellet (sensor) current by dividing the amplifier output by the feedback resistor (Rf). In all the tests, Rf was set to 510 ohm.



Universidad Pedagogica y Tecnologica de Colombia, Universidad Antonio Narino


Polymer-Polymer Composite, Polyaniline