Road Ride Comfort Evaluation

Published: 21 May 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/w5zbjpdrsw.2
, Lijun Sun,


The aim of this research is to find how humen react to vibrational excitations in road field test environment.


Steps to reproduce

1. Run InfoExract.R to process raw data in the rar file. 2. Run momentum4.m to calculate objective indicators. 3. Run testSpliting2_partial.m to visualize the interaction between local impacts. 4. Run multi19 to contrast the results between different groups. Note: 1. Other ".m" codes must be put in the same directory as momentum4.m so as to make sure they are automatically executed. 3. Make sure the directory are set properly before running any codes. rar files contain raw objective vibration data and subjective scoring data. 3. "momentum" file in rar files contain calculated objective indicators, other files in rar files are anonymous raw data. 4. "scorings.Rdata" is the processed subjective scoring data.


Tongji University - Jiading Campus


Adsorbate Vibration, Pedestrian Comfort, Mechanical Vibration