Results - Viability of Crowd Logistics in Short Food Supply Chains

Published: 30 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/w63fcbf2yd.1
Florian Cramer, Christian Fikar


Dataset of results for a hybrid simulation study (ABS + DES) on the viability of crowd logistics concepts in short food supply chains. The dataset contains the rsults for four different experiment settings. In T1 the participation willingness (to participate as an OD) of the simulation was varied. In T2, the participation and the preference for deliveries was varied. As for T3, the preference for regional food and participation willingness was examined. In T4 the effects of non-stop market opening times (24/7) was observed. All settings were explroed for an urban and a rural population setting based on areas in Bavaria, Germany. In Scenario 1 no crowd logistics activities were allowed (baseline scenario). In Scenario 2 only shoppers at outlets were allowed to participate as ODs, whereas in Scenario 3 also non-shoppers could choose to participate as ODs.


Steps to reproduce

Reproducible only with original model build for the research.


Universitat Bayreuth


Computer Simulation