Effects of therapeutic exercise on physical performance and activity levels in patients undergoing hemodialysis

Published: 23 February 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/w6bwg9zgtg.1
Borja Pérez Domínguez


This dataset belongs to a randomized controlled trial were a therapeutic exercise program was implemented both during dialysis or at home, on patients with End-Stage Renal Disease undergoing hemodialysis. Several outcomes were assessed, including: (1) Physical tests through the Short Performance Physical Battery Test or SPPB, (2) Lower limb muscle function assessed through the Sit-to stand-to sit 10 and 60 tests or STS-10 and STS-60, (3) Functional capacity assessed through the 6-Minute Walking Test or 6MWT, (4) Grip strength assessed through handheld dynamometry, (5) Strength and resistance of the triceps surae assessed through the One-Leg Heel Rise or OLHR, (6) Balance assessed through the One-Leg Standing Test or OLST, (7) Physical activity levels assessed through the Physical Activity Scale for the Elderly or PASE, and (8) Health-related quality of life assessed through the Survey Short-Form 36 or SF-36. Effects over time showed significant changes in physical performance and activity levels for both groups. Significant improvements were found in SPPB, OLHR, 6MWT, PASE and SF-36. Non-significant improvements were found in the remaining outcomes. No differences were found between groups, evidencing that either modality is effective.



Universitat de Valencia


Physical Therapy, Nephrology