Data on electricity demand and renewable energy production for the Colombian energy system

Published: 9 December 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/w6cwkn4jm7.2
Oscar Pupo Roncallo,
Javier Campillo,
Derek Ingham,
Kevin Hughes,
M Pourkashanian


Data produced for the analysis and development of a high temporal resolution model for the Colombian energy system. The information presented here was collected from international agencies and domestic organisations (SIEL, XM, IEA, UPME, ACOLGEN, IDEAM) and finally filtered and processed. It includes electricity hourly demand data from 2012-2016, natural water inflows time series, renewable energy sources (RES) production distributions and energy exports and imports.



The University of Sheffield, Universidad Tecnologica de Bolivar


Energy Demand, Electricity Production, Renewable Energy, Solar Power Generation, Electrical Wind Power Distribution