Supporting Data for Separation of the Icelandic Coastal Current from the Reykjanes Peninsula

Published: 17 November 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/w6fvv9jtpw.1


This dataset contains the supporting data for figures in “Separation of the Icelandic Coastal Current from the Reykjanes Peninsula,” a scientific article in Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science by Michael M. Whitney (affiliated with the University of Connecticut). The main objective of this study is describing and diagnosing Icelandic Coastal Current separation from the southwest tip of the Reykjanes Peninsula and the subsequent offshore excursion. Particular attention is paid to the interplay of coastal curvature, bathymetry, and winds. Motivated by satellite observations and prior research, realistic high-resolution (eddy-resolving) numerical simulations are conducted and analyzed. Sensitivity model runs for the study area are compared to isolate bathymetric and wind influences. Results have broader relevance to offshore transport and exchange on continental shelves. The dataset is composed of MATLAB data files, which are named FigureXX_data.mat. These files contain all data presented in the corresponding figures within the journal article. Details about variables and units are described within the figure captions and text of the article. The article contains complete descriptions of methods, analysis, and interpretation. List of MATLAB data files: Figure01_data.mat Figure02_data.mat Figure03_data.mat Figure04_data.mat Figure05_data.mat Figure06_data.mat Figure07_data.mat Figure08_data.mat Figure09_data.mat Figure10_data.mat Figure11_data.mat Figure12_data.mat


Steps to reproduce

These data can be reproduced following the observational, modeling, and analysis methods detailed in the journal article. The author can be consulted for further clarification and the author may assist when feasible.


University of Connecticut


Coastal Physical Oceanography, Iceland


Fulbright Iceland

National Science Foundation