Published: 23 March 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/w6v48k72z8.1


PytuTester is a open source ventilator tester developed to help bio-engineers in the design specification verification of new ventilators prototypes. A ventilator tester are to measure the flow, pressure, volume and oxygen concentration provided to the patient. During COVID-19 global pandemic several opensource ventilators prototypes were developed, however, high cost and demand of professional ventilators testers were not available. In this context, a low-cost tester were developed using a Raspberry Pi and medical grade sensors to the test new ventilators prototypes. This paper presents the design files, software interface and validations tests. Our results indicates that the tester has a good accuracy to evaluate the efficacy and performance of new prototypes.


Steps to reproduce

Refer to Section 3 (Design files) of : "PytuTester: RaspberryPi Opensource Ventilator Tester" - HardwareX


Universidad Nacional de Asuncion Facultad de Ingenieria


Open Source Software, Low-Cost Automation, COVID-19