Antibiotic prescription for endodontic infections among Italian dental practitioners: what is the extent of over-prescription?

Published: 1 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/w6zb7z3fcp.1
Francesca Licata, Carmelo Giuseppe Angelo Nobile, Vincenza Cautela, Gianfranco Di Gennaro, Aida Bianco


The dataset was used in a cross-sectional study primarily aimed to to investigate the pattern of antibiotic prescription for prophylaxis purposes among Italian DPs. From April to October 2019, a nationwide cross-sectional study was conducted in a representative sample of the Italian general and specialist DPs. The information is collected through a mixed technique, which uses an online questionnaire that is filled in by respondents, a direct telephone interview with the questionnaire administered by an interviewer, and a self-administered paper questionnaire. A structured questionnaire was used, comprising of four sections: (1) an introductory section presenting study aims and motivation at the end of which DPs could give their written consent in joining the study; (2) a socio-demographic data collection section; (3) the main research section about practices regarding prophylactic antibiotic prescriptions; (4) and sources of information used to update knowledge on antibiotic use in dental practices. Bivariate (t-tests, chi-square and Fisher exact test) and multivariate analyses were conducted to examine the potential association with the DP correct prescription practice. Moreover, a logistic regression model was used to estimate the odds of correct prescription practice depending on the invasive dental procedures and the presence of indication or not. The interaction between the two factors was also investigated. 563 DPs answered the general questionnaire (response rate 52.6%).



Dentistry, Antibiotics