Appendix A to Renner et al. 2016 Int J Para

Published: 27 June 2016| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/w72kn8s2m7.1
Swen Renner


Supporting Data S1 to S4 of Renner, Lüdtke, Kaiser, Kienle, Schaefer, Segelbacher, Tschapka, Santiago-Alarcon (2016) "Forests of opportunities and mischief: disentangling the interactions between forests, parasites and immune responses" International Journal for Parasitology The data contains 4 data sets for the publication: (1) Supplementary Data S1 - Background and rationale on Structural Equations Modeling (SEM) approach and further SEMs tested (2) Supplementary Data S2 - R-code used for SEM (3) Supplementary Data S3 - input data for R-Codes (Data S2) part A with Sylvia atricapilla (blackcap) (4) Supplementary Data S4 - input data for R-Codes (Data S2) part B with Fringilla coelebs (chaffinch)


Steps to reproduce

To use the R-code from Data S2, download both parts in the two separate files form Data S3 and replace the file names: "Supplementary Data S4.txt" to "bf.txt" and "Supplementary Data S3.txt" to "mgm.txt" and save both in the working directory you will use. Set also the work directory correctly.


Natural Sciences, Ecology, Zoology, Global Change, Ornithology, Ecosystem Ecology, Animal Parasitism, Malaria, Aves, Parasite, Landscape Ecology