Data for: C.M. Calo, et al. 'A study of plant remains from a fluvial shellmound (Monte Castelo, RO, Brazil) using X-Ray MicroCT imaging technique' Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 26 (2019) 101902

Published: 8 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/w7886p2c6m.1
Cristina Marilin Calo, Fabio O. Freitas, Tiago Hermenegildo, Francisco A. Pugliese, Marcia A. Rizzutto, Jennifer Watling, Logan Kistler, Eduardo G. Neves, Avacir Andrello, Carlos A. Zimpel, Myrtle P. Shock, Laura P. Furquim, Carlos Appoloni


Stack of 2D reconstructed X-Ray Microtomography images of the plant remain sample SMC_02 from Monte Castelo archaeological site (RO), Brazil. X-Ray MicroCT System: v|tome|x m (LG) Museum of Zoology, University of São Paulo (MZ-USP) Source voltage (keV): 60.0 Source current (µA): 180.0 Exposure time/projection (s): 1.0 Number of projections (n): 1000 Total scan angles (n): 360 Filters: none Pixel size (µm): 2.84 Source to sample distance (FOD) (mm): 11.548 Source to detector distance (FDD) (mm): 814.075 Reconstruction software: x|datos; slightly enhanced using FIJI-ImageJ Technical support Alberto B. Carvalho Image credits: Calo, C. M. and Rizzutto M. A.



Universidade de Sao Paulo


Archeology, Archeological Science, X-Ray Microtomography, Archeobotany