Random Capacity Analysis Instances

Published: 5 November 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/w7jrzvdsxz.1
Belinda Spratt


This data includes two types of randomly generated instances for stochastic capacity analysis. RandInst5x5 includes 100 instances of a system with five resources and five activities. The proportional activity requirement, mean and variance of activity durations is constant. The uncertainty threshold and time availability is changed for each instance. RandInst360 contains 360 randomly generated instances of a system for stochastic capacity analysis. The number of activities (|A|) is between 5 and 30 (with increments of 5). The number of resources (|R|) is also between 5 and 30 (with increments of 5). The uncertainty threshold (alpha) varies between 0.05 and 0.5, with increments of 0.05. For each combination of |A|, |R| and alpha, the time availability of each resource, the proportional activity requirement, and expectation and variance of activity durations are randomly generated. Instance: The instance number. |A|: The number of activities. |R|: The number of resources. alpha: The uncertainty threshold. T: The total time availability of each resource. rho: The minimum proportion of all activities that should be made up of a particular activity. mu: The mean activity duration for activity of type a on resource r. sigma2: The variance of activity durations for an activity of type a on resource r.



Operations Research, Production Planning Capacity, Production Capacity