NJ Recycling Centers

Published: 30 November 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/w7p83wmy43.1
Alexis Lake


The State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection provides a comprehensive list of where each facility is located, exactly what types of trash they pick up and contact information. Class A recycling centers accept all the mainstream, post-consumer trash items you would expect like metal, glass, paper, cardboard, plastic containers, etc. Class B recycling materials pertain to only materials that are specifically recycled and not disposed of in landfills, “construction debris” and need to be source separated - materials include concrete, asphalt, wood, tree material, leaves, tires, roof shingles and contaminated soil. Class C is the easiest one to follow as the C stands for compost, including plant and food matter. Class D recycling facilities has a big variety including lots of toxic chemicals like oil, antifreeze, paints, lightbulbs, batteries, substances containing mercury, and all oil collection Intermediate processing facilities are usually Class A centers that separate sources. The state of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection website has compiled many lists and rankings of recycling centers with specific subcategories such as carpets, vegetable oil, and scrap tire. Data retrieved November 2022 from: https://www.nj.gov/dep/dshw/recycling/recymkts_directory.htm (last updated 2016)



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