Dataset for: A Quick Deviation Zone Fitting in Coordinate Metrology of NURBS Surfaces Using Principle Component Analysis

Published: 22 July 2016| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/w82b3rjgnr.2
Ahmad Barari,


Attached files present a group of case studies to demonstrate applications of the developed metodology, DPCA, in coordinate metrology of various geometries. The examined cases include sculptured and free-form surfaces, as well as primitive geometric elements. Data and results are presented in Excel format. Three files are presented for each inspected geometry. The three files include: 1- Control Points of the desired CAD model 2- Point cloud captured from the fabricated product 3- The best transformation matrix obtained by DPCA registration of measured points.


Steps to reproduce

All data are available in Excel format. Please feel free to use CAD data and the point cloud data and use any other registration algorithm including the commercially available software tool. Compare you results with the results provided in the "Transformation_Matrix" file. Please feel free to contact authors at "" if any additional information is needed. Also, we are interested to know if you also confirm the efficiency of the DPCA algorith comparing th any other algorithm that you examined.


Big Data, Performance Measurement, Cloud Point Extraction