Published: 1 April 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/w8gfstsyg9.1
Ittalo Pezzotti


The data presented here describes the behavior and characteristics of a closed chamber thermal system, with the technical capabilities needed in applications such as incubation, cell culture, refrigeration, dehydration or dry air sterilization. The dataset was collected from a low cost designed apparatus, approaching real world applications by including ambient air infiltrations, pressure and heating losses in a plastic container. This data article includes furthermore plain text data from temperature and electrical current sensors, an image that illustrates the control model, schematics of electronic circuitry needed and a 3D representation of the actual device in PDF format.


Steps to reproduce

Experimental Design, Materials, and Methods The method applied consists of a multiplatform system called (P). To this empty system (P), a series of applications called (A) will be added. The result of the combination of P and A will give a product that it will be called (CPx), where (x) is the application change. The fictitious product (CPx) is obtained in the medium called (M). In this way a container was selected for thermal applications in various applications such as dehydration, incubation, cell culture, refrigeration and sterilization of dry air.


Process Control, Controller Tuning, Temperature, Applications of Sensors