Data for: Atomic Insight Into Concurrent He, D, and T Sputtering and Near-Surface Implantation of 3C-SiC Crystallographic Surfaces

Published: 23-05-2019| Version 8 | DOI: 10.17632/w99w5ythw8.8
Stefan Bringuier,
Tyler Abrams,
Dmitry Rudakov,
Ezekial Unterberg,
Leo Holland,
Gokul Vasudevamurthy,
Jerome Guterl


The files are the processed data correspond to the following figure numbers in the manuscript: Figures 2-4: C-Graphite_HeDT_TRIM.SP.dat, SiC_100_HeDT_MD.dat, SiC_110_HeDT_MD.dat, SiC_110_HeDT_SBE_TRIM.SP.dat, SiC_111G_C_HeDT_MD.dat, SiC_111G_Si_HeDT_MD.dat, SiC_HeDT_TRIM.SP.dat Figure 5: All files labeled ImplantationProfile_*_300K.dat The data is formatted in human readable space-separated value type and can be opened with MS Excel. Each file has header content, indicated by a line starting with #. The header information provides details about the data. ### Interatomic LAMMPS potential file The file SiC_HeH.tersoff.zbl can be used with the LAMMPS molecular dynamics package to simulate SiC along with He and H. The lines below are examples of what should be placed in your LAMMPS input script: pair_style tersoff/zbl pair_coeff * * SiC_HeH.tersoff.zbl Si C He H