Data for: Molecular features of organic matter in anthropogenic earthen mounds, canals and lagoons in the Pago Lindo archaeological complex (Tacuarembó, Uruguayan lowlands) are controlled by pedogenetic processes and fire practices

Published: 21 June 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/w9km8shjt7.1
Joeri Kaal, Camila Gianotti, Mercedes Rivas, Laura Del Puerto, Felipe Criado-Boado


The data files contain the original Pyrolysis-GC-MS data of the study on organic matter composition in earthen mounds, lagoons and canals at the archaeological site of Pago Lindo (Uruguay). The first sheet contain the relative proportions of the pyrolysis products (% of total quantified peak area), whereas the second and third slides present the results of the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) performed on the Py-GC-MS data.



Archeology, Soil Science, Organic Geochemistry