GTI Global Public Procurement Dataset (GPPD) 2/2

Published: 8 March 2024| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/w9mzf4vswh.3
, Ahmed Alshaibani , Aly Abdou


The data introduces a global public procurement procedures database. Using various web scraping methods, we collected and harmonized public procurement procedures from 42 countries between 2006-2021. The year ranges vary by country depending on data availability from the collected sources. Due to the diversity of data publishing formats in each country, we standardized the published information to fit a common data standard. For each country, key information regarding the main buyers and suppliers, organization’s geolocation information (such as NUTS codes when available), product information (CPV 2008 codes when available), price information (in local currencies and also adjusted based on the purchasing power parity), details of the contracting process (e.g. contract award date or the procedure followed). The database is best described as a contract-level dataset where specific filters are added to reduce the dataset to the successfully awarded contracts if needed. We also add several corruption risk indicators and a composite corruption risk index for each contract which allows for an objective assessment and comparison across time, organizations or countries. The data can be reused to answer various research questions dealing with public procurement structural spending. The availability of organizational identification codes or by matching based on the organization's name allows to connect the data to company registries to study broader topics such as ownership networks.



Central European University


Public Procurement, Corruption