Termite survival data

Published: 16 November 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wbbw2xwb8j.1
Chandan Kumar


Replications are the number of repeats. Distance from the heated surface (mm) is the distance from the heated surface. Number Survived (after 24 h) - the total number of termites that survived after 24 h post-treatment. Survived (after 24 h) (%) is the % of termites that survived after 24 h post treatment. Number Survived (after 48 h) - the total number of termites that survived after 48 h post-treatment. Survived (after 48 h) (%) is the % of termites that survived after 48 hours post-treatment. Two tables are prvioded: one for 1.5 hours of heating and the other one for 3 hours of heating


Steps to reproduce

Created three separate holes situated at a depth of 22 mm within stud 1 (point 11) and at depths of 40 mm and 60 mm within stud 2 (points 4 and 8) from the heated interior side of the wall. Ten C. brevis pseudergates were gently introduced into each stud hole, and holes were closed to avoid termite escape. The wall section was heated for 1.5 and 3 hours at 60 °C. Termites were then gently removed from each hole by disassembling the studs from other wall elements and inverting them into the petri plates containing the two layers of filter paper. Termite survival was recorded immediately following heat treatment and at 24- and 48-hours post-treatment. Termites were housed in stud holes for 3 hours without heat treatment for the control treatment and all experiments were repeated three times.


Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries


Termites, Timber


Queensland Government