Distribution of rare earth elements and yttrium in water, suspended matter and bottom sediments in Lake Onego: Evidence of the watershed transformation in the Late Pleistocene

Published: 14-04-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wbs7ztd2sv.1
Vera Strakhovenko,
Natalia Belkina,
Dmitry Subetto,
Alexander Rybalko,
Natalia Efremenko,
Natalia Kulik,
Maxim Potakhin,
Mikhail Zobkov,
Ekaterina Ovdina,
Anna Ludikova


This dataset has a description of the average total REE (mg/kg) contents of the lays of bottom sediments from different regions of Lake Onego and additional figures showing information about fieldwork, cores of bottom sediments and electronic microscopic images