Bangladeshi Food Delivery App Restaurant Reviews

Published: 30 January 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/wc87kpk6ks.2


The dataset "Bangladeshi Restaurant Reviews" is a collection of customer reviews for restaurants in Bangladesh that are available on Foodpanda and Hungrynaki, two major food delivery apps in the country. The reviews were collected to provide insights into the satisfaction levels of customers with the food and service of these restaurants. The dataset includes information such as the reviewer name, review text, rating, and date of review. The inspiration behind this dataset was to create a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in studying the restaurant industry in Bangladesh, specifically the food delivery sector. The dataset can be used for various purposes, such as sentiment analysis of customer reviews, identifying the most popular restaurants, and analyzing customer feedback to improve the service of restaurants. The data was collected from the official websites of Foodpanda and Hungrynaki using web scraping techniques. The dataset contains over 15,000 reviews and were translated in English via Google Translator API. We hope that this dataset will be valuable for researchers, students, and anyone interested in the restaurant industry in Bangladesh. We welcome any feedback or suggestions for improving the dataset in the future.


Steps to reproduce

More than 15,000 reviews were collected from two major Bangladeshi food delivery apps, Foodpanda and Hungrynaki. We used their public website API (Application Programming Interface) to get the reviews from each restaurant of the app. Only 2000 customer reviews were taken from Foodpanda, whereas we took 13000 from Hungrynaki. All of the data was collected from restaurants located in various places in the city of Dhaka. We collected all the data in CSV (Comma-separated Values) files separately and then merged them for later analysis. The CSV file contained the review date, the reviewer's name, the review text, and the rating value on a scale of 1 to 5.


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