Mechanical properties of films bioplastics based in seaweed from scientific literature

Published: 16 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wcjwf6gn56.1


The present database investigates the effect of different combinations of components on the mechanical properties of seaweed-based bioplastics, with a specific focus on tensile strength and elongation at break, found in the scientific literature of the search engine Scopus. Following the hypothesis that varying compositions will significantly impact these properties, the basis provides a detailed breakdown of the standardized concentrations of each component in mass/mass or volume/volume percentages. Some notable findings include combinations of components that show substantial improvements in strength and elasticity, suggesting a focus on these materials for the development of biopolymeric film technology applications such as sustainable packaging manufacturing. This resource is useful for future research seeking to interpret or improve the properties of seaweed-based bioplastics.


Steps to reproduce

To replicate the data presented in this database, we have developed an appropriate workflow for information extraction. The first step involves the selection of specific keywords to search for metadata of publications studying the mechanical properties of bioplastic films. With the generated database of articles, we proceed to select 20 studies that meet predefined criteria: the films must be based on Agar, Alginate or Carrageenan, manufactured by the casting method, and must report both tensile strength and elongation at break. In addition, it is crucial that the studies report the concentrations of the components in a standardizable way in mass/mass or volume/volume percentages. Once the articles have been selected, we extract the concentrations from the methods section and the mechanical properties data from the results section.


Universidad de Santiago de Chile


Biodegradable Material, Bioplastic