Supplementary Data on Scientometrics of Environmental Valuation

Published: 24 October 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wcypffxzr4.1


This dataset on the scientometrics of “Environmental Valuation” is presented. It shows supplementary data that includes author details, publication data, funding information, affiliations, keywords, word clouds and retrieved data from Web of Science (WoS) and SCOPUS databases. This dataset was used for the paper by applying Scientometric science, which is based on bibliometric analysis. The results were used for establishing research patterns, visualisation data and identifying progress on “Environmental Valuation” . The data were also included as supplementary data subjected to a scientometric study which looked at various parameters like publication years, authorship, and publication's country base to understudy the research pattern. See the full paper in: Olukolajo, M.A., Oyetunji A.K., Amaechi, C.V. (2022). A Scientometric Review Of Environmental Valuation Research With a Path For The Future. Heliyon. 2022.


Steps to reproduce

The data was retried from Scopus and Web of Science (WoS) databases, in 2022 to visualise the data frpm 1987-2021, and also Almetric Explorer was used to retrieve data while VOSviewer and Voyant tools were used to post-process the index keywords and the author keywords from the data. This was also used to develop trends and to generate word clouds from the keywords.


Lancaster University


Petroleum Property Valuation, Contingent Valuation, Nonmarket Valuation, Bibliometrics, Quality-of-Life Valuation, Valuation of Environmental Effects, Ecosystem Services Valuation, Social Valuation of Ecosystem Services, Shared Valuation of Ecosystem Services, Mapping for Valuation of Ecosystem Services, Real Estate Valuation Services, Scientometrics