Modal analysis of electromagnetic resonators: User guide for the MAN program

Published: 19 December 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wdz5pd4sb4.1


All electromagnetic systems, in particular resonators or antennas, have resonances with finite lifetimes. The associated eigenstates, also called quasinormal modes, are essentially non-Hermitian and determine the optical responses of the system. We introduce MAN (Modal Analysis of Nanoresonators), a software with many open scripts, which computes and normalizes the quasinormal modes of virtually any electromagnetic resonator, be it composed of dispersive, anisotropic, or non-reciprocal materials. MAN reconstructs the scattered field in the basis formed by the quasinormal modes of the resonator and provides a transparent interpretation of the physics. The software is implemented in MATLAB and has been developed over the past ten years. MAN features many toolboxes that illustrate how to use the software for various emblematic computations in low and high frequency regimes. A specific effort has been devoted to interface the solver with the finite-element software COMSOL Multiphysics. However, MAN can also be used with other frequency-domain numerical solvers. This article introduces the program and summarizes the relevant theoretical background. MAN includes a comprehensive set of classical models and toolboxes that can be downloaded from the web.



Computational Physics, Electromagnetic Method, Resonator