How to Alleviate the Agony of Providing Negative Feedback: Emotion Regulation Strategies Affect Hormonal Stress Responses to a Managerial Task

Published: 21-09-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wf6pdxh6v4.1
Christian Burk


Raw data, Mplus input files, and data documentation of the following research paper: Burk, C. L. & Wiese, B. S. (in press). How to alleviate the agony of providing negative feedback: emotion regulation strategies affect hormonal stress responses to a managerial task. Hormones and Behavior. Containing: • dataset with raw data in SPSS and *.dat formats • 10 Mplus input files concerning the comparison of latent growth models • four plus input files concerning the predictive models • a data supplement documentation including variable documentation, tables further describing the models and structural diagrams of the models