2006 to 2016 average production values and dependency ratios for Germany

Published: 4 October 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wfcf2f6mmf.1


This dataset contains the 2006 to 2016 average production values of pollination dependent crops cultivated in Germany, their minimum, mean and maximum dependency ratios as well as empirical estimates of their own price elasticity of demand.


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Production values for Germany average 2006-2016 are taken from Barrios et al. (2017). The dependency ratios are taken from Klein et al. (2007). The elasticities are taken from various sources reported below and listed in Table 3 of Lippert et al. (2020). References: Durham, C., Eales, J., 2010. Demand elasticities for fresh fruit at the retail level. Applied Economics 42 (11), 1345–1354. 10.1080/00036840701721356. Femenia, F., 2019. A meta-analysis of the price and income elasticities of food demand. German Journal of Agricultural Economics 68 (2), 77–98. 10.22004/AG.ECON.287544. Florkowski, W.J., Carew, R., 2011. An Analysis of Price Determination in the Sweet Cherry Markets of British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California. Paper prepared for presentation at the EAAE 2011 Congress Change and Uncertainty Challenges for Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, Zurich, Switzerland. Klein, A.-M., Vaissière, B.E., Cane, J.H., Steffan-Dewenter, I., Cunningham, S.A., Kremen, C., Tscharntke, T., 2007. Importance of pollinators in changing landscapes for world crops. Proceedings. Biological sciences 274 (1608), 303–313. 10.1098/rspb.2006.3721. Lippert, C., Feuerbacher, A., Narjes, M., 2020, Revisiting the economic valuation of agricultural losses due to large-scale changes in pollinator populations, forthcoming in Ecological Economics Kojima, Y., Parcell, J.L., Cain, J.S., 2014. A Demand Model of the Wholesale Vegetable Oils Market in the U.S.A. Selected Paper prepared for presentation at the Southern Agricultural Economics Association (SAEA) Annual Meeting, Texas, USA, 27 pp. Kojima, Y., Parcell, J.L., Cain, J.S., 2016. A Global Demand Analysis of Vegetable Oils for Food and Industrial Use: A Cross-Country Panel Data Analysis with Spatial Econometrics. Selected Paper prepared for presentation at the 2016 AAEA Annual Meeting, Boston, Boston, USA, 29 pp. Lin, B.-H., Yen, S., Huang, C., Smith, T., 2009. U.S. Demand for Organic and Conventional Fresh Fruits: The Roles of Income and Price. Sustainability 1 (3), 464–478. 10.3390/su1030464. Oré Barrios, C., Mäurer, E., Lippert, C., Dabbert, S., 2017. Eine ökonomische Analyse des Imkerei-Sektors in Deutschland: An economic analysis of the beekeeping sector in Germany. Schlussbericht, Stuttgart-Hohenheim, Germany. https://orgprints.org/32437/. Sobekova, K., Thomsen, M.R., Ahrendsen, B.L., 2013. Market trends and consumer demand for fresh berries 7 (2), 11–14. 10.22004/AG.ECON.164771. USDA, 2006. Commodity and Food Elasticities Database. United States Department of Agriculture, College Park, USA. https://www.ers.usda.gov/media/9359/demandelasdata092507_1_.xls.


Universitat Hohenheim Fakultat Agrarwissenschaften


Agricultural Science, Ecology, Agricultural Economics, Pollination by Animals, Ecological Economics