Kraemer Family Library Shelf Height and Total Checkouts

Published: 20 May 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wfdk5nddgh.1


This dataset includes data taken from a sample of 16,389 books from the Main Collection at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs Kraemer Family Library. Data includes the shelf height level, number of total checkouts and stack range number for books from nine ranges in the main collection of Kraemer Family Library. Books were excluded if they had been on reserve, were from a shelving column with fewer than seven levels, or proper shelf level could not be discerned. Each range of stacks contained books that were classified with different Library of Congress classification number starts: 10 (BR/BS/BT/BV), 20 (DS), 30 (H/HA/HB), 40 (HF), 50 (HQ), 60 (JK), 70 (LB), 80 (NB/NC/ND/NE/NF/NH/NK/NR/NX/P), and 90 (PR/PS). Full methodological details are available in a forthcoming article.



University of Colorado at Colorado Springs


Library Collection