Attitudes towards the future & 2068 storytelling

Published: 24 December 2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/wfpt8h96ng.2
Corina Angheloiu


The present research aims to explore young people’s images of the future (set in 2068 and 2038) through design futures methods. The research was undertaken during May - September 2018, with the primary data being collected during two week-long workshops each with around 35 participants. The participants were aged 16-17 years old and travelled to London from a range of countries across the world. The data describes the participants' responses to an attitudinal survey designed to surface their assumptions about the future. The data also describes stories they developed about the world in 2068, as well as the roles they envisaged they would have played through their future careers.



Imperial College London Centre for Environmental Policy


Future Studies, Attitudes and Beliefs