Advanced international statistics of sustainable business development management based on the principles of social and environmental responsibility in the context of digital transformation

Published: 17 January 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wfrz55vzzy.1


The dataset combines statistics for 31 countries for 2019-2022. The dataset is intended for econometric modeling of the impact of innovation and digital technology management on sustainable business development on the principles of social and environmental responsibility results.


Steps to reproduce

The dataset systematizes the following official statistics: 1. Innovation and Digital Technology Management Factors: - Technology and Innovation Readiness Index (UNCTAD “Technology and Innovation Report 2021”), score 0-100; - Global Knowledge Index (UNDP, 2022), score 0-100; - Global Innovation Index (WIPO “Global Innovation Index 2021”), score 0-100; - World Digital Competitiveness Index (IMD “World Digital Competitiveress Ranking 2022”), score 0-100. 2. Sustainable Business Development Results: - Environmental Performance (WIPO “Global Innovation Index 2022”), score 0-100; - Quality of Life Index (Numbeo, 2022), score 0-200; - Sustainable Development index (UN, 2022), score 0-100; - Economic Growth (IMF, 2022), %.


Volgogradskij gosudarstvennyj tehniceskij universitet


Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Management, Environmental Responsibility, Sustainable Business, Digital Economy