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Published: 19 September 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wg9r7jt92b.1
Ali Nili,


Comparing the efficacy and the safety of KOH 5% solution with 5-Fluorouracil cream on patients suffering Actinic Keratosis: A Randomized controlled trial Figure legend: A 71year-old man with a different actinic keratosis was treated with KOH 5% (red arrays) and 5-FU 5% (blue arrays). As seen in dermoscopic image at baseline (left), follicular yellow and white scale and pseudo-network pattern could be seen in the KOH section (upper part) and follicular yellow and white scale in 5-FU section (lower part). After seven days (middle clinical image), thick necrosis and erosion are evident on the KOH treated part. On the other side, prominent crusting and erosion are seen in the 5-FU treated lesions. Three months after the treatment (right image), a prominent improvement is seen in the lesion treated with both treatments. In the dermoscopic image 3 months after treatment (right), a prominent improvement is seen in yellow and white scale in both images, while linear-wavy vessels did not change in the lower part, and gray dots are more evident in the upper part.


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Eighteen AK patients applied either KOH solution or 5-FU on one side of their scalp/face, randomly. Efficacy and safety of these treatments were compared. Photography with a camera and dermoscopic images with FotoFinder Medicam 1000 (FotoFinder Systems GmbH, Bad Birnbach, Germany) from lesions were taken for each patient at baseline, at the end of the first and the third months. Two dermatologists, blinded regarding the treatment sides, evaluated the outcomes based on clinical examination and dermoscopic images. Clinical response was defined as the resolving of the lesion, characterized by the complete disappearance of skin roughness through palpation the location of lesions by dermatologists. Patients were also monitored for dermoscopic changes of lesions, including yellow scale, white scale, pseudo-network pattern, pigmented dots, and linear-wavy vessels during and after treatments. Dermoscopic response for each lesion was defined as the resolution of all dermoscopic features.


Tehran University of Medical Sciences


Actinic Keratosis