"Did Covid-19 Pandemic Change Consumers’ Online Purchase Intention? Assessing via Consumer Trust, Social Influence, Perceived Usefulness and Ease of Purchase"

Published: 6 December 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wgfvtnm796.1


Did Covid-19 Pandemic Change Consumers’ online Purchase Intention? Assessing via Consumer Trust, Social Influence, Perceived Usefulness and Ease of Purchase ABSTRACT The advent of Covid-19 has changed the way people purchase and consume products/ services. The present study investigates key factors such as perceived usefulness (PU), ease of purchase (EOP), social influence (SI), and consumer trust (CT) affecting online purchase intention (OPI) among consumers of central region of India. Open University Learners, specifically Pandit Sundarlal Sharma (Open) University Chhattisgarh was approached to participate in the present study. Google Form was used in the data collection process in which more than 1200 responses were received, out of which 1060 were found usable for further data analysis. The participants/learners who have made at least one online purchase were only included as participants in the study.The results revealed that PU, EOP and SI explained significant connection with OPI, whereas CT contributed weak connection with OPI. The authors thoroughly discuss the findings of the study. Keywords: Online Purchase Intention, Perceived Usefulness, Ease of Purchase, Social Influence, Consumer Trust


Steps to reproduce

Author identified the required constructs from the previous literature and modified or adapted them as per the present research objectives. The author also translated the questionnaire into a regional language (i.e., Hindi) to create better understanding of the questionnaire to the regional participants better understand it. Thereafter, it was sent to four subject experts for their valuable insights and required suggestions. The experts provided a few recommendations to alter some of the constructs and also recommended that the Hindi translation be self-explanatory. One item in purchase intention construct was also added as per the recommendation of the experts. At last, to check the content validity and comprehension of the research questionnaire, a pilot study was administered to 30 respondents. In response, no modifications were asked by the participants and, thus, a 19-item questionnaire was prepared for data collection process . The prospective authors/researchers can use the questionnaire after giving proper citation.


Management, Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Consumer Intention, COVID-19, Pandemic