Global citizenship – Dataset from Vietnam

Published: 20 November 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wh6zpkmh6m.1


This dataset provides information about self-assessment of students' knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the global citizenship context, the relationship between some factors and students' knowledge, skills, and attitudes. The questionnaire contains two groups. Group (1) is about demographic information. Group (2) includes 5 questions with 55 items. Two first questions focus on students' knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the global citizenship context. Three left questions emphasize educational content students learned at school, activities students have participated in, global issues their parents have discussed with them, and activities their parents have encouraged them to join. The data were collected by survey at schools by researchers and experts who are the members of the project "Studying on Vietnam global citizenship.” There were 2379 students who participated in the survey and answered the questionnaire, but after cleaning data, 2069 responds are valid. The survey was conducted in 6 provinces and cities in three main regions of Vietnam, with 54 schools. In each province or city, there were 9 schools chosen to belong to 3 districts (3 schools including 1 primary, 1 lower secondary, and 1 upper secondary school in each district) in both rural and urban areas.



Social Sciences, Education for Sustainability