“Genomic and phenotypic characterization of Investigator Global Assessment (IGA) scale based endotypes in atopic dermatitis”

Published: 4 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/whymwtksck.1
Sandra Smieszek


A. Supplemental Text: Methods B. The attached supplement folder contains 1. Table 1. Baseline demographic and clinical characteristics 2. EPIONE Profile and Design 3. Table 2 Efficacy Measures at Week 8 4. S Figure 2. Tradipitant-treatment Improves Itch and Sleep in Mild Atopic Dermatitis. A. Tradipitant-treatment improved worst itch in mild AD. B. Improvement in itch was observed after one full day of tradipitant treatment C. Tradipitant-treatment improved sleep disturbance in mild AD. D. Improvement in sleep was seen after two full days of tradipitant treatment. E. A greater proportion of mild AD patients achieved success of four points or greater on WI-NRS and at least a 50% improvement on SCORAD. A-D. P-values are from MMRM analysis. E. P-values are from Fisher’s exact test. *p<0.05 5. S Figure 3. 3D scatter plot across baseline clinical measurements and EOS. 6. S Figure 4a. Differences in clinical feature space across IGA severity 7. S Figure 4b. 3D scatter and 2D scatter plot of baseline clinical features 8. S Figure 5. PCA analysis of WGS samples 9. S Figure 5b. Distribution of EOS across genotypes for rs200005614 10. S Figure 6. allelic frequencies of LOF FLG variants across IGA groups and in the control population 11. S Figure 7. Individual cytokine distributions across IGA groups 12. S Figure 8a. Decision tree-based classification all features and confusion matrix 13. S Figure 8b. Decision tree-based classification (lab features) and confusion matrix, class labels are severity endotypes 14. S Figure 8c. Decision tree-based classification and confusion matrix. Classification with class labels being status of FLG LOF mutations. This ultimately is presenting the same data from another perspective yet confirming the association of carrier FLG LOF status with increased AD severity. 15. S Figure 8d. Decision tree-based on 8c. FLG based class labels 16. S Figure 9. Correlations between EASI and IGA (top) and SCORAD and EASI (bottom)


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Clinical Genetics, Atopic Dermatitis, Genome Sequencing